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        Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for audio applications

        The structural material for aluminum electrolytic capacitors and their impacts on sound quality are summarized in Table 1. A skillful material combination is essential in providing superior sound performance.

        Table 1

          Structural Material Material Characteristics Effect on Capacitor Characteristics Effect on Acoustics
        Basic Material Electrode foil, forming, etching Heat resistance ESR
        • Generally, the sound quality improves at lower multiplier values.
        Electrolyte Conductivity, viscosity ESR tanδ
        • Reduces the sense of distortion in the sound and increases the sense of clearness.
        Electrolytic paper Density Thickness ESR, tanδ
        Manila: good
        Craft: poor
        • Improvements in reverb, which requires a large amount of information.
        • Reduces reverb, which improves the attack.
        Ceramic content
        • Improves the sound field, the clarity, and the sharpness.
        Silk fiber content
        • Improves the midrange responsiveness and low range richness there in
        Lead lines Distortion ESR CP Lines
        • Rough but strong
        OFC Lines
        • Sweet high region
        Case materials sleeve Characteristic vibrations Vibration characteristics
        • Stabilization through Frost processing and through vibration-absorbing alloys, etc.; improved sensitivity, changes to sound quality through the sleeve materials and the dye that is included.
        Seal rubber Characteristic vibrations Vibration characteristics Life expectancy EPT
        • The sense of rhythm comes through powerfully.
        • Goes deep, with stable orientation
        Manufacturing Method Number of windings L component Induced voltage
        • Generate the sound through partitioned coils, etc. to improve resolution.

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